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When we get together, I’ll be treating you like a close friend. I’ll crack jokes that probably aren’t that funny, but you’ll laugh anyway because I am not afraid to make a fool of myself. We’ll explore someplace beautiful, get a little dirt on our clothes, and create an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Before I was a New Mexico wedding photographer, I worked in the publishing world and spent most of my time reading and helping to write good stories. Now, I tell stories through photographs. Every moment, every sunset, every feeling is so fleeting, I have this continuous urge to freeze it all in time so that we can’t forget. Wedding photography is my passion because I have the power to document every detail and emotion of one of the most important days of your life so that you are able to relive it all on repeat. Forever.

fun facts about me

My friends know me for my love of Friends, my snobbery over good coffee, and my nitpicky grammar tendencies. Oh, and my obsession with my dog. One of my favorite pastimes is to get lost wandering new places with my husband, Ryan. We love traveling and exploring together because even after fifteen years of knowing each other, we can still share and experience something exciting and new.

I’m an adventurous and intimate wedding photographer based in New Mexico + Colorado

Hey there! I'm Delia.

I met my husband Ryan at a high school Halloween party when I was just turning fifteen. We got married eight years and one 800-mile long-distance college relationship later.

In college I majored in English / Creative Writing, and I still hope to publish a novel someday.

I named my dog Kirby because I liked the alliteration of Kirby Kearney.

Ryan flew across the country to surprise me when he proposed, and he was so successful in his surprise that when I saw him standing there with flowers my response was, “WHAT?”

Crime dramas and true crime podcasts are my guilty pleasure.

There are approximately two things I am a snob about: coffee and chocolate. Starbucks and Hershey’s just don’t do it for me, sorryyyy.

I grew up in ballet studios and I will always have a deep love for dance.

If I could only have one meal the rest of my life it would be green chile enchiladas with refried beans.

Or cereal.

I am obsessed with dramatic desert thunderstorms.

I have been to 24 states and 14 countries, and always looking to add to the list.

My favorite clients aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves and get a little dirty.

fun facts